Top 10 Best tourist destinations In the world  after graduating

Top 10 Best tourist destinations In the world  after graduating

Top Best tourist destinations In the world  after graduating



Check out the top 10 best destinations after graduating from 2017. After graduating from college, graduates should make full use of the precious time of the exam to find work and explore the world. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel around the world with a lot of free time without any responsibility. Before you jump on the career ladder and join a real adult in a hamster cage, you should take advantage of your university campus freedom to see the world. But where should you go?



10. Ireland




No one knows how to enjoy the carnival like the Irish. Highlights of the Irish tour include the trendy capital city, the Bohemian city of the Atlantic Ocean, and the most fascinating landscapes of the world. Most of the Nolan. There is a pint of Guinness, enjoying some traditional music in a village like Dingle or Dorin. Ireland is easy to travel by bus, but the best exploration is the freedom to rent a car. Why not go to Northern Ireland to experience the culture of Delhi, the awesome, awesome giant’s causeway, or take a black taxi to explore Belfast’s political and historical hotpots. You may fall in love with Ireland and never leave.


9. New Orleans



New orleans

In fact, New Orleans also knows how to enjoy the carnival. New Orleans has come out of the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, and courage is like a medal of honor. New Orleans is a great city, one of the most attractive places in France near the world and the famous Bourbon Street. The atmosphere in New Orleans is unique, and you will definitely lose time in a city that never sleeps, enjoying jazz at every corner and every bar. Take a historic tram to explore the garden area or visit the ninth area to learn about people’s experiences.



8. Morocco




Morocco is a fascinating country, full of vitality and vitality from exotic foods, Kazakhstan, intoxicating spice markets, and timeless walled cities. Take a camel ride to explore the vast Sahara Desert and go to the Atlas Mountains. Look at Casablanca and eat at Rick’s house. Morocco has a good rail network and is a cheap tourist destination, allowing budget-conscious travellers to stay in the beautiful traditions of Marrakech and Fez. However, driving in Morocco is an extreme sport, not a person with a weak heart.



7. London




London is another big city to explore on foot, although it has a typical underground and public transportation network. An iconic image, gorgeous architecture and world-famous attractions can be seen from any corner. Take a look at the changes in the guards, visit the Tate Museum, sit down at the London Eye, or eat a bowl of cereal and stay with London’s hipsters. Many of London’s attractions are free or offer a large student discount, so don’t forget to bring your old student ID.



6. Take the European train



Take the European train

Nothing is more indicative of your age than a train trip through Europe. Travel anywhere in Europe, along the train line, within the chosen time. When you jump up and down on a train in Budapest, Prague, Paris or Seville, the world is your oyster.



5. Japan




Japan has long been considered an expensive destination and has often been avoided because of this, but budget-friendly travel may be planned during planning. The above suggestions include: take a cheap takeaway and live in a fun capsule hotel. Highlights in Japan include experiencing the cat cafe in Tokyo, traveling on the famous bullet train, visiting Mount Fuji, marveling at the beauty of Kyoto, and being respected at Tsuruoka Shrine.



4. Canadian backpacking trip



Canadian backpacking trip

Experienced campers can release their inner Belgris, return to the wilderness and camp in Canada. Canada’s vast outdoor offers many amazing places to completely escape the grid. Tent, fire and lose time in forests, beaches or mountains in Ontario.



3. Cambodia




You should visit Cambodia in front of this beautiful, friendly but poor country. Cambodia has become a popular seaside resort that rivals the beach scenery of the icy towns of Thailand. Any trip to Cambodia must include the famous Angkor Wat ruins, which are famous around the world by Laura Croft. Cambodia is a great destination for budget awareness because it has the potential to live a high life in a very frugal budget. Dormitory and cottage accommodation, street food, cheap beer and transportation make it a very attractive destination for a recent graduate.




9.  Venice




There is no place like Venice in the world. This is a place you imagine, from movies to the most romantic novels. Venice is famous for its famous canals, which are so beautiful and difficult to understand. Most people visit Venice as part of a tour or cruise, with almost no scratches on the water. Spend time in college and spend a few weeks in Venice, really entering this unique city. The pigeons on St. Mark’s Square, in the Jewish slums, wandered around the Rialto Bridge.



10. Greek islands



Greek Islands

The ultimate destination for travel after college is the Greek Islands, one of the top 10 best destinations in the world, where you can have some unfettered, unburdened, high quality leisure time. This is a typical destination for the last trip after graduation. It’s easy to find a good ferry service with hundreds of islands to choose from, each with its own character and beauty. In Greece, in a small fishing village, people are eager to live in a small fishing village or go crazy in Mykonos



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