Top 10 Best tourist attractions of china – Places to visit in china

Top 10 best tourist attractions in China 2019

Top 10 Best tourist attractions of china – Places to visit in china


Introductions of  Best tourist attractions of china 



Below is a list of the top 10 best tourist attractions in China in 2019. In China, there are many places where you can travel to China at any time. In China, many of their places attract tourists, and in this case, you will find that you will be happy when you visit these places. What you should know is that these places are very historic and have many things that have been done many years ago. Since they are still preserved, they always attract tourists, which means that even the government of this country has made a lot of foreign exchange transactions from these tourist attractions.

This article will discuss these places in detail. When you visit China, you should not miss these places because they are the best place to attract tourists, and they have a lot of places to save for people like you to see.


What are The Best   tourist attractions of china ?



1. Great Wall




The Great Wall is built by people. It is the most magnificent building in China. This wall is the longest wall ever designed by humans. The Bohai Sea in the eastern section extends from Gansu, Gansu Province, to the western part of the Bohai Sea. This wall has been in effect since 5BC BC and 16 BC. This wall has always been China’s largest tourist attraction. As a tourist, you should make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to visit this place as it is a tourist attraction.



2. Potala Palace




The palace of the Potala Palace from the 7th century AD, Tibetan Buddhism, which symbolizes the Chinese people, is also the focus of the Chinese people and the best choice for tourists to visit. From a distance, you can see that the wall looks more attractive, and it becomes more attractive as you get closer. Three things happened when the palace began to build, rebuild, and ultimately maintain it. Whenever you are in China, be sure to visit the Potala Palace at any time.



3. Beijing Forbidden City



The city was built in the early 15th century as an empire of the Qing and Ming dynasties until 1912, when the last Chinese empire was abducted from the Forbidden City. The architecture of the city is so complex that it has successfully accommodated more than 980 buildings, including 9,999 rooms. This is the third place in China to attract Chinese tourists. When you travel in China, make sure you visit that place, even if you are in China, so you will see the city, which is a great place to attract tourists.



4. Victoria Harbour



Victoria Harbour is one of the deepest ports in the world. When you have a chance, this port is where you should go.



5. Terracotta Warriors



Terracotta Warriors and Horses is one of the top ten cultural heritages in the world and it is a tourist attraction in China. It is an archaeological site that attracts more tourists. In China, there are more than 8,000 terracotta warriors in this place. These fighters are very respected because they brought peace to the Chinese people a long time ago. When you travel to China, this place should also be listed where you are going.



6. Lijiang River Cruise



The Lijiang River Cruise is also the best place to visit at any time. You need to see cliffs and water below. The scenery in this place is very good and will make you feel satisfied with the visit to China’s tourist attractions in 2017.



7. Huangshan




This mountain is a great place to visit China. This mountain is also known as Huangshan. It is also a very good place. No matter when you travel to China, you should not miss it. It is famous for its sunsets and scenery.



8. Leshan Giant Buddha



This is the first temple of Buddhism in China. It was built in the last century. This place is also the best place you can go anywhere in China, so you can see how Buddhist people worship their gods.



9. Hani Terrace



Hani Terrace is also a good place. When you are in China, you should visit because it is very attractive to human eyes. The arrangement of these terraces is different, so you should not miss the tourist attraction that this place offers to tourists.



10. Pudong skyline




Pudong is a city on the Huangpu River in Shanghai, which has greatly improved China’s economy. On the Pudong skyline, you should always have the opportunity to go to China.

This is the top ten tourist destinations in China in 2017. The places discussed above are good places for you to visit China in China, so you can visit China’s historical sites.

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