Top 10 best tourist attractions in the UK 2019

Top 10 best tourist attractions in the UK 2019

Top 10 best tourist attractions in the UK 2019



Introductions of tourist attractions in the UK



You don’t have to go abroad for a wonderful Easter holiday – the UK is full of beautiful and unique places, a memorable family trip. Did you know that renting a car can save a lot of travel expenses? Each passenger’s fare is much cheaper than train or economy class, and also gives you and your family more independence? Then, the best way to travel to the UK Where is the location?

What are the best tourist attractions in the UK ?

10 – Bournemouth


Bournemouth is a Victorian holiday resort, and now, as holidaymakers flock to the beautiful beaches and towns that are being renovated, there is another sign of recovery. Victorian parks still receive awards so far, and you can enjoy the beauty of Hampshire. There are many markets in the nearby villages, and programs from the West End usually stop in Bournemouth, so there is also some cultural space.

9 – Beautiful Devon

Beautiful Devon

Devon and Torquay are the smugglers and roadblocks, and the scenery is full of adventure. Holidays in Devon can be packed with horseback riding, cycling and water sports so you can find something that suits every family member. Devonshire scones are also famous – what else do you need?

8 – Stay unique accommodation

Maintain a unique stay

Located in Staffordshire, Chedleton is home to a Victorian water tower that has been converted into accommodation. This tower can sleep 11 people, so the two families are perfect for a holiday together. From here you can explore the wilderness of Staffordshire and divide it between 11 o’clock to make it a cheap holiday.

7 – Play with the Vikings

Playing with the Vikings

You don’t have to go to Scandinavia to experience Viking history. The Jovik Center in Yorkshire has a wealth of information and artifacts, and the nearby Lindisfarne Island is the first place the Vikings have come to the UK, where there are many Viking treasures. Viking Sightseeing is a fun family holiday.

6 – followed by hyacinth

Follow the hyacinth

The Bluebell Woods is a beautiful feature of the English countryside. You can enjoy a quiet and enjoyable holiday and see the bellflowers in different places. Many poets, including Keats and Tennyson, have been inspired by hyacinths. Who knows, maybe you will write a sonnet? The Woodland Trust is very good at providing information about where to find bluebells. Information, they are in the best state from March to May.

5 – London


When we think of a holiday in the UK, we usually depict the country. The idyllic days wander around the fields, but the rest of the city is also an exciting and fun way to spend time with your family. London has beautiful parks and stunning landmarks. Why not go to see a show in the West End? Eat lunch at a top restaurant, the menu of lunch will never be as expensive as you think.

4 – Louis and Harris Island

Louis and Harris Island

Louis and Isles are islands near the Scottish coast, and there is a more beautiful place that you can’t find anywhere else. The beach seems to be anywhere – tropical, Caribbean, you can name it. These islands have been inhabited since the age of burrowing, with megalithic sites and sites everywhere. Lewis and Harris are just two islands in the Western Isles, so you can let it spend a long vacation and visit all the islands.

3 – North Wales

North Wales

North Wales is known for its stunning coastline and one of the most popular resorts in North Wales is Conway. This charming castle and charming harbour will ensure that you have enough places to see and do – Angel Island is a bridge, so it is a great place to rent a car or bicycle. Conway is very friendly and you will definitely want to go back.

2 – open road

Open road

Karawaning has an unworthy image – it is boring. It is not. You can rent a car from many parts of the UK and you are free to go to all campsites in the English countryside. If you don’t like a caravan, you can rent a car and bring your tent. Organizations like the “British Journey” provide quality information about campsites and exciting destinations.

1 – the peaks of Derbyshire

Peaks of Derbyshire

The Peak District has striking views and miles of non-traffic bike trails, perfect for a bike vacation. The professional travel company saddle on the saddle fits all levels in the Peak District, and travel usually includes accommodation and they are the perfect home.

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