Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us – Map Of road trip USA

Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us - Map Of road trip USA

Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us – Map Of road trip USA




What are the best road trip routes in the us ?




1. Dahe Road, from Minnesota to Louisiana


Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us - Map Of road trip USA



You can drive a wide Mississippi route. The Living Water Road passes through 10 states. There are countless parking spots on this road, and this station in Illinois is more suitable for passing in the fall. The main street of the lead mine town at the beginning of the road has 1800-year-old buildings and charming shops. Before heading to Alton and the great Lewis and Clark areas, you can hike to the monks of the Cahokia Mounds Historic Site.

End point: Nauv Baxter Vineyards. This is the oldest winery in the state and the most gorgeous resting place.




2. California Pacific Coast Highway Coastal Highway


Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us - Map Of road trip USA



Everyone has a lot to say about the start and end of the California Pacific Coast Highway. Officials believe that California’s Route 1 starts in North County, California, and ends in Orange County, Southern California. Along the way, you will see the breathtaking scenery of Big Sur, the coastal ambiance of Malibu and the luxurious pebble beach golf resort. If you are happy, you can choose to stay in the cabin along the way.

End point: California’s more than 20 historical points are along the coast, so you can travel very easily. The ancient architecture is enough to make any historical nerd fascinated.



3. Columbia River Highway Scenic Road


Columbia River Highway Scenic Road


This incredible road leads to the scenery on the edge of Oregon. You can walk along the mossy Sandy River, which eventually reaches the orchard and blueberry gardens of the Springdale community. Go ahead and you will see Hu De Snow Mountain, a difficult road in the Columbia River Gorge Highway. The Columbia River Express provides the best view for travelers to see the canyon, including a 900-foot panorama.



4. Texas Hilly Route


Columbia River Highway Scenic Road


Whether driving for three or three days, we strongly recommend that you start your trip on the Texas Hilly Highway in the fall. There are thousands of large-toothed maple trees in the Maple State Nature Reserve. From late October to early November, these maple trees turn yellow and turn red, forming the most spectacular foliage landscape in the world. Because the reserve can see many rare species, it is packed with hikers and birdwatchers.

Dining place: Laurel in Utopia. It is only open on weekends, but it is worth a look. The chef’s European dishes focus on the seasoning of the ingredients, and often use local food as the main ingredient.



5. Virginia Skyline Highway


Columbia River Highway Scenic Road

It has four separate entrances, but most people choose to enter from the former northwest corner of the Royal. Stay away from city life and you can put yourself in the middle of nature.

Accommodation: Tiandi Resort. The hut is at the highest point and you can see the west side of the valley by car.

Meal: The Blackberry Ice Cream Cake at Tiandi Resort. The cake is big enough for two people to enjoy more than enough. The Bird Visitor Center is not only a big parking spot, but also a playground for children. Children can watch interactive exhibitions and movies about park creation, from which you can learn about geological knowledge, historical sights and watching a variety of wildlife.


6. Blue Ridge Scenic Route, Virginia and North Carolina


Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us - Map Of road trip USA


The road will take you to quaint mountain towns such as Asheville, Waynesboro near the northern entrance to North Carolina, and Cherokee at the south entrance. It takes at least two days to travel to these places. If you want to know more about it, you have to drive to more places.

Accommodation; Virginia Mountain Peak Waterfront Lodge near Bedford. It has been open since the 1960s. The hotel has 63 rooms and a variety of dining options, overlooking Lake Albert. Don’t worry, you won’t be bothered by modern electronic devices living here.


7 . Heihe Scenic Road, Michigan



Top 7 Best road trip routes in the us - Map Of road trip USA


It is an officially designated National Forest Scenic Trail, and its gorgeousness, waterfalls, boats docked at the harbour and the world’s highest ski jumping are all attractive. From Michigan, take the Highway 2 and explore the entire Lake Superior.

Two choices not to be missed. The first is the National Forest Waterfall in Ottawa. Here you can experience the suspension bridge, swimming beaches, forest trekking and camping. Another bizarre attraction is the flight of Tongfeng Mountain. It refers to the highest ski jumping in the Western Hemisphere. In fact, because the platform is very high, the sport has been called skiing instead of ski jumping.

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