Top 6 Best Destinations In Greece 2019 – Places to visit In Greece

6 best destinations in Greece Corfu - destinations in Greece

Top 6 Best Destinations In Greece 2019 – Places to visit In Greece


Introductions Of Best Destinations In Greece  


so that everyone can enjoy it without leaving home. Natural scenery can also provide ideas and inspiration for you to go out in your spare time. It can be said that it is a million-volume book, and it is also a thousand miles. Now let’s take a look at this issue of Xiaobian to take everyone to play there?

Today, Xiaobian wants to let everyone know about the island of Corfu, a mysterious island on the other side of the globe. This small island is part of the archipelago of the



What are the Best  Destinations In Greece ?


1. Lonna Beach in Greece.


Top 6 Best Destinations In Greece 2019 - Places to visit In Greece


The island is shaped like a mother’s arms, holding Corfu and the harbor in his arms. Don’t see Corfu surrounded by blue, blue waters. Standing on the green forest, the scenery is infinitely good. The history of this small island is written by war. And it is the church that confirms this. Due to the historical chaos, the church played the dual role of the palace and the castle, used as a refuge for people during the war, so Corfu is also known as the castle town. One of the most popular attractions on the island is Paleokatristka, a cathedral that stands on a cliff and looks like a castle. The exterior of the church looks very unique, and the murals and sculptures inside the church are full of traces of the European Renaissance. Exquisite and mysterious, simple and solemn.


2. The indigo sea




In addition to the cathedral, there is a town in the town of Canoni where we have to go. Because the town is built on a high mountain, here you can see the entire island. At this time, you will find a beautiful island picture painted by the indigo sea and numerous historical buildings. The people who lived here were both sailors who went out to sea and residents of Venice, but when the war came, they became warriors to protect this beautiful place, bravely repelling the Turkish invasion. But it fell in the post-Napoleonic War and then joined the Greek government along with the entire archipelago.


Although it is only a small island, it is rich in resources. One of the most famous is the olives of Corfu. The local olives are very popular in Greece. They can also be made into many products, such as soap, body moisturizer, olive oil, etc., which provide a number of local people’s lives. Unclear convenience.


Since it is a trip, how can you experience the local cuisine less? There are many delicious local specialties, such as sofrito (a kind of barbecue made with local calf buttocks), pastitsda (with veal served with local specialties, topped with tomato sauce), bourdétto (a secret The fried fish cooked in spicy sauce), pastéli (with various nuts such as almonds and topped with honey). Mandorado (“fine barrel surface” made of crushed nuts) and local beer mixed with ginger, which was especially famous when the British occupied Corfu.


This is the end of the story. If you have an idea to enjoy the scenery on the island, you can now choose between a ferry or an airplane. If you have an idea reader, do it quickly! After all, the world is so big, it is a pity to not look at it. Of course, if any reader has a favorite place that you know, 

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