Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida – Florida holiday travel

Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel

Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida – Florida holiday travel



Introductions How to travel in Florida & Best Destination in Florida



The sun is shining, spectacular, and dynamic, and this is the list of the best places to spend a holiday in Florida. The Gulf of Mexico has a natural beauty, the other side has the Atlantic Ocean, and the incredible Everglades inland. No wonder the southernmost state of the United States is a traveler’s favorite. More importantly, Florida knows how to spend a good time. If you like the sound of kayaking through the mangrove tunnel, put them on the keys, shelling along the white sands, or rushing down the fastest roller coaster in the country, you’ll love these top resorts in Florida. .


Best Florida Vacation and Places to Stay



When planning a Florida vacation, many travelers choose to rent as their accommodation: a relaxing beach house, modern apartment or quaint cottage, maybe. On TripAdvisor, we have hundreds of thousands of Florida vacation rental reviews from travelers like you – they can tell us a lot about destinations. When choosing these best Florida vacations, cities and towns need to offer some of the highest quality rentals and top rated scores on our website, and offer a range of activities, tours and attractions so you can enjoy them there – on TripAdvisor on. In addition, our new 24-hour cancellation policy means you can book before arrival, but you can still flexibly cancel your booking if your itinerary changes.



What are the Best Destination in Florida ? Travel with family


1. Naples



Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel



There is a lot to do in our first Florida draft. Beginning with retail therapy in South Third Street and Fifth Avenue South, the world is suspended and watched in a warm puddle. Board the Princess of Naples luxury yachts, admire the views of the Gulf of Naples and the stunning homes of the waterfront, or head to Collier-Seminole State Park, stroll through the royal palm trees, or admire the mangrove swamps from the canoe. If you are an avid wildlife enthusiast, consider booking your location in manatees, dolphins and tropical bird watching tours.




2. New Smyrna Beach


Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel


The Surf Center at New Smyrna Beach offers a different location than other Florida resorts, such as the nearby Daytona Beach. Things here roll at a slower pace, allowing you to enjoy beautiful white sand beaches, ecological activities and community activities in a relaxing way. The artist studio gallery hosts an ever-changing monthly exhibition, and there are several other spaces where you can see the artistic talent of the local community.



3. Cape Coral



Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel

Go for a cannonball along the white sands and enjoy the Cape Coral, stay in one of the best places in Florida for the famous sunset as it is close to the beaches of the lovely Sanibel Island and Fort Myers. You can kick off at the sunny Coral Oaks Golf Course, where there are no less than 8 lakes or for the family day at the super fun Sun Splash Family Water Park. For more tranquil water activities, rent paddle boards or kayaks and take the guide to the warm barrier island waters.



4. St. Augustine



Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel



The historic St. Augustine is an ideal place to stay in Florida, especially for families with children. Take an adventurous adventure at the St. Augustine Pirates and Treasures Museum, indulge your bloody side at the Medieval Torture Museum, take part in a haunted tour of the center, or explore your place on a sunset wildlife boat, paying attention to dive eagle and paddle crocodile.



5. Kissimmee


Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel


Many travelers choose a Kissimme friendly welcome and are close to some of Florida’s main attractions. Easily reach exciting amusement parks such as Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and Fun Spot America. Be sure to explore the Cypress Swamp on a guided boat trip where you may see turtles, alligators and birds peek out from the water’s edge. You can walk to the Great Florida and Birding and Wildlife Trail or choose the exciting rope swing and the suspension bridge at the Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. Once you see everything the water has to offer, you can take a balloon to get in the air.



6. Fort Lauderdale


Top 7 Best Destinations in Florida - Florida holiday travel


With 23 miles (37.01 km) of beaches, hundreds of miles of canals, leisurely boat trips, vibrant art and entertainment districts and top-notch accommodations, it’s easy to understand why Fort Lauderdale is the best resort in Florida. One. Take a walk along the trails of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, row a boat in the lagoon, shop along the Strip, and follow the Riverwalk. Take a trip to Segway or look for macaws and crocodiles on the Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise.



7. Fort Myers



Cape Coral’s neighbors offer some scenic coastline along Fort Myers Beach and the adjacent Sanibel Island. The town’s main attractions include the winter estates of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, where you can visit the labs, buildings and venues used by two men. You can also ride a dog, ride a bike or walk with the dog-friendly John Yarbrough Trail Park Trail, watch the haunted side of Fort Myers on a ghost tour, or find bargains at Fleamasters Fleamarket. Try a day trip to the Western Everglades, including a van with a naturalist guide and a boat trip.


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