Top 10 Best Canada Unique Tourist Attractions 2019

Top 10 Best Canada Unique Tourist Attractions 2019


Top 10 Best Canada Unique Tourist Attractions 2019



Introductions of Canada unique tourist attractions



This seems to be a combination of a combination of France and the United States. Living under temperature will make the penguin cry, it is the home of the world’s most amazing scenery! We are talking about Canada, but this tour guide is on a weird side.


What are the best Canada unique tourist attractions ?



10 – Habitat 67, Montreal



top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019



In 1967, Israeli-Canadian architect Moses Safdie designed the World Expo of the Canadian Architects Singapore Art and Science Museum, initially to provide an experimental solution for high-quality housing in high-density urban environments. Safdie explored the possibility of prefabricated modular units to reduce housing costs and allowed a new type of housing that could integrate the quality of suburban homes into the city’s tall buildings. When Safdi reviewed “Hybrid 67”, he reviewed the significance of the project. He said: “The 67 of the habitat is a real two ideas.” One is about prefabrication and the other is about new examples. Redesigned the design of the apartment. “The habitat of 67 crazy communities and homes was designed by Canadian architect Moses Safdie. Let us hope that he can resume taking the medicine!



9 – Ripley’s Believe It or Not, The Niagara Falls


 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019



Next to MadamTussaud sds in New York is New York, “Believe it or not,” (full name: Ripley’s Believe It or Not). It is also the world’s largest fun museum. The museum collects various places in the world. The strangers are ridiculously ridiculous. Here is an exhibition of an adventure by Robert Ripley, an adventurer who has traveled around the world for many years. He has traveled around 198 countries in 35 years and collected photos and comics. The craftsmanship, etc., the distance he moved is equivalent to 10 weeks around the earth. You will see a mask made of human skin in the museum. The head of the human head with only 7 cm and the photo of the man with four eyes are impressive. Believe it or not, Ripley’s three unique features are one of them. Even the beauty of Niagara Falls will not let you stay away from this interesting and strange building!


8 – Grand Party, Quebec


 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019


In the square in front of the parliament building, there are many statues of figures, which are more than 100 life-size stone and wood statues of Marcel Gagnon, the highest of them, from 1887 to 1891, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party. He is also a lawyer, journalist and politician who advocates the abolition of the “rejection of provincial legislative power” owned by the Canadian federal government and advocates Quebec autonomy. The sun shines through the maple leaves on the green grass, and the statue of Honoré stands in the sun. Is this not a national separatist? The confidence of the system lies in putting everything in the sun and letting the people choose for themselves. Not long ago, the Chinese have witnessed the Scottish independence referendum. In fact, Quebec also conducted two independent referendums in 1980 and 1995 twice. The result: most Quebec people still chose to stay. This is a strange and wonderful art, some people’s love and some others’ dislike of passion.



7 – Bent Bush, Saskatoon


 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019


It is not difficult to imagine that the headless knights are flying through the sleeping valleys and passing through these creepy poplars. Their greedy branches create a weird atmosphere that makes some visitors feel dizzy. Scientists say that these trees have a genetic mutation, but no one knows why. The pen across the road is normal. Is it a meteorite impact, radioactive material or an alien work? After all, the nearby village of Alticane is known for its UFO sightings. These twisted trees are a deformed poplar tree. It looks like Salva Dalit!



6 – Free Spiritual Area, Rickham Bay


 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019


Near the Quaricombe Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada, with the adventure of Kate Berg’s Abates RV, went to a world full of freedom. Grab this quick video and meet Tom Hudley, the dreamer and the behind-the-scenes planners, who are a suspended person and see why they are on the list of people around the world. The Free Elf Ball is located between the tallest trees in the tropical rainforest on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It’s like sleeping in an unusual eco resort hotel!



5 – MAC Moose, Saskatchewan


 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019

The moose, 32 feet (980 m) tall, is reported to be the largest moose on Earth. He was built in 1984 to attract tourists, and today is the same. The cartoon artist Folz did not create a Mac from a steel frame, a metal mesh and four layers of cement. In 2004, he moved from his original location to the Visitor Center on Thatcher Avenue, on the Canadian highway. This moose-shaped steel and concrete sculpture is the world’s largest moose, 32 feet tall! They called him a Mac.


4 – Boswell Glass Room, Boswell


 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019


If you have just retired from the funeral industry, what do you do with the empty bodies? If you are David Brown and you like to collect these things, you can travel in western Canada until you have the ability to build your dreams. s home. We are talking about 500,000 bottles (250 tons of glass)! Unfortunately, the house built in 1952 became so popular that Brown had to move out and turn it into a tourist attraction. The house is made up of thousands of glass preservative bottles, which is amazing, but if you think about the location of the liquid, it will be a bit creepy.


3 – New Quebec Crater Lake, New Quebec Meteor Crater Provincial Park



 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019


It is pimples in English – a strange word associated with a lake that looks like a huge gem. It is said to have the purest fresh water on earth. The zigzag crater surrounding the lake was formed by meteorites 1.3 million years ago. Located in the park of Pugulut, this lake is a popular summer and winter campsite. Although it is quite remote, you can still find comfortable beds, showers and even wireless internet. This huge crater in the north of Quebec has attracted the curiosity of travelers for more than 50 years, and it has so many mysteries that it can create 10 of its most important positions!



2 – Ramsey’s Upside Down Church, Vancouver Park



 top 10 best Canada unique tourist attractions 2019


Dennis Oppenheimer’s art installation is known as “the eradication of evil devices.” Since he moved home from Vancouver Park, he now has a new home in Calgary.


1 – Spotted Lake, British Columbia




This is the 8th part of the 10 series, focusing on 100 unusual and fascinating tourist attractions around the world. Some people are fortunate enough to visit, but some are eager to go hiking. From weird, to wonderful… walk through this series. The Spot Lake is a saline-alkali lake located in the northwestern part of Osoyoos, in the same Mein Valley. This is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Canada with many colorful swimming pools. This is an incredible journey


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