6 best destinations in Greece Corfu – destinations in Greece

6 best destinations in Greece Corfu - destinations in Greece

6 best destinations in Greece Corfu – destinations in Greece

Geographically, Corfu is located at the northern end of the island of Lonina, Greece. The northeastern edge of Corfu is located on the coast of Saranda in Albania, on the southeast side of the island on the Protea coast of Greece. Corfu is shaped like a sickle, and the concave center of the sickle is Corfu City and the port. The island covers an area of ??592.9 square kilometers and is about 64 kilometers long with a maximum width of about 32 kilometers.

The history of Corfu is a history of battle and conquest. The legacy of fighting and conquest appears in the form of a fortress, which is both a palace and a castle, used as a refuge during the war. In 2007, Corfu was hailed as the World Heritage Site of Castle Town. One of the most popular tourist destinations on Corfu is Paleokatristka, an Orthodox church that looks like a castle, located 25 miles from Corfu city centre.

Standing on a cliff, this church is one of the witnesses of the Corfu War. Although small, Paleokatristka is a very neat and quaint church with a small flower garden on the balcony. The interior of Paleokatristka is filled with the artistic flair of the medieval Renaissance, and the walls are decorated with exquisite sculptures and murals, quaint and solemn.

In addition to the ancient Carternska church,

another tourist destination in Corfu is the town of Canoni. The town of Canoni is built on a hill where you can stand on the heights of the village of Canoni and take a bird’s eye view of Corfu. There are cafes and restaurants in the town of Canoni. If you want to stay longer in Corfu, you can choose the hotel in Canoni as your tourist accommodation.

From a bird’s eye view of

the town of Canoni,

you can see that as a whole, Corfu is a very beautiful island, beautiful hills, breathtaking blue-green ocean and historical buildings. In the past, the residents of Corfu were both seafarers and residents of Venice, Italy. However, when Corfu was attacked and invaded by Turkey, they became brave soldiers. They did not fear the sacrifice and came forward to build a defensive base on the island to cultivate and protect their lives.

Frustrated by

the Turkish invasion,

the Napoleonic war broke out in Europe, and Corfu fell into the United Kingdom. According to the London Treaty, the agreement ended in 1864, and Corfu was eventually handed over to the Greek government by the British Empire and the rest of the Ionian Islands.

After visiting Paleokatristka and the town of Canoni, visitors usually visit the city centre.

The centre of Corfu

is densely populated and is a bustling commercial centre. Corfu is more cosmopolitan than Athens and Olympia. Because the buildings of Corfu are influenced by the former invaders, Venice and England, the influence of the British on church buildings is particularly prominent.

The main commodities from Corfu are olives, Corfu olive oil and its processed products, filling the Greek market. Corfu offers fresh salad fruit for the Greek table, as well as a variety of cosmetics such as soaps, body moisturizers and olive oil.

When traveling to Corfu, the food in Corfu must be tasted. Local culinary specialities include sofrito (Venezuela’s native veal buttocks), pastitsda (smoked diced veal cooked with tomato sauce), bourdétto (salmon cooked with spicy sauce), mndoles (caramelized almonds) ), pastéli (a honey stick made with sesame, almond or pistachio). Mandorado (a “pasta” made with crushed almonds, sugar, honey and vanilla), as well as local ginger beer, is especially popular when the British rule Corfu.

Traffic in Corfu

Choose a ferry to and from Corfu

Corfu has traditional ferries to Getos and Patras in Paxony, as well as high-speed ferries on traditional ferries or “flying dolphins” to Iguamenisa and Sarandi in neighbouring Albania. The small port at Lefkimi, the southernmost tip of the island of Kavos, also provides ferry services to the mainland.

Choose to fly to and from Corfu

The Janis Kapodistrias International Airport is named after Janis Kapodistrias, the father of the Greek independence movement, an outstanding politician and diplomat. The Ioannis Kapodistrias International Airport, also known as the Corfu International Airport, is located approximately three kilometres south of Corfu and only half a kilometre north of Ponticonish.

The airport offers domestic flights to Olympic Airlines (OA 600, 602 and 606) and Aegean Airlines (A3 402, 404 and 406). Greek seaplane operators providing scheduled flights from Corfu to Paxoi, Lefkada, Ithaki, Kefalonia, Ioannina, Patras and Brindisi, Italy.

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