Top 20 Best cities to travel In the World – cities to travel

Top 20 Best cities to travel In the World - cities to travel

The top 20 cities in the world, 



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Top 20 Best cities to travel In the World – cities to travel


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Still hesitating where to travel? Don’t worry, the latest 25 destinations in the world have been released, and the top ten cities have these. Why not



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What are the best cities to travel ?


 1: France, Paris




Reason for listing: Since 2013, Paris has once again become the most popular destination in the world! However, this is not surprising. After all, Paris itself is a capitalized “WoW” – a poetic street-side park, a brand-name window that lets Hepburn linger, a handsome man and a beautiful woman on the road, and a museum full of artistic names. It seems that all the beauty of the world is gathered here. As the first popular tourist city in Europe, Paris has a lot of desirable and world-famous historical and cultural relics and urban natural scenery, enjoying a romantic, classical and exquisite journey in Paris.

~~ must visit attractions ~~

Louvre: one of the three major museums in the world

Notre Dame de Paris: famous for Hugo’s literary works

Eiffel Tower: Paris’s most famous landmark, the tallest building in Paris

Montmartre Heights: the highest point in Paris, couples dating the Holy Land, nightlife prosperous

Paris Arc de Triomphe: famous landmarks of Paris

Champs Elysées: the most beautiful street in Paris, the end of the Tour de France, the famous flagship store gathering place

Seine: Mother River of Paris



  2: London, UK




Reason for listing: As the most visited city in the world, London once again entered the list and achieved good results in the second place. London has more than 300 museums or galleries, more than 400 music scenes, is the artist’s paradise; countless churches immerse people in the solemn and mysterious; in addition, there are national cuisines still challenging your taste buds. There is no need to talk about the charm of the city. After all, Samuel Johnson, who has a good eye, said, “If a person is tired of London, he will be tired of life.”


British Museum: one of the four major museums in the world

Buckingham Palace: The Palace of the Queen of England

Tower Bridge: The symbol of London, the “London’s main entrance”

Hyde Park: Britain’s largest royal park

Big Ben: The iconic building of the UK

St. Paul’s Cathedral: Diana Century Wedding Office



  3: Rome, Italy




Reason for listing: This Eternal City has many attractions that attract tourists, so give you a look and experience the charm of the city. The most famous is the ancient Roman ruins. Rome has many grand historical buildings and a wishing pool symbolizing love, attracting many tourists to witness their love. In addition to these classics, the food that makes you feel like you can’t be absent. 



Colosseum: the most iconic building in Rome

Piazza Venezia: the largest square in Rome

Trevi Fountain: The Witness of Love, the world’s largest baroque fountain

Ancient Roman Ruins: Western Architectural History Library

Piazza Navona: a gathering place for street artists



 4: Indonesia, Bali



Reason for listing: Bali was the only Asian guest on the list. Although there are many strong opponents this year, Bali’s ranking is still the best. Thanks to Bali’s continual excavation of new attractions, such as the petty bourgeoisie, the espresso cafe and the wonderful surfing experience, it will be your first visit to Bali.


Lembongan Island: the best sea and beach

Jimbaran Beach: one of the ten most beautiful sunsets in the world

Tanah Lot Temple: one of the three major temples in Bali

Ubud Market: Bali’s handmade art gathering place

Degralang terraces: pure Balinese natural customs



 5: Greece, Crete



Reason for listing: Located in the northern part of the Mediterranean, it is the largest island in Greece, the largest in the world, and the most densely populated island in Greece. Crete is the southernmost crown of the Aegean Sea. It is the source of many Greek mythology. It used to be the cradle of Greek culture and Western civilization. Now it is an indescribable holiday destination. A large number of archaeological sites and rich cultural heritage have made Greece’s Crete popularity soar. After it was selected as the 25 best destinations in the world last year, it has a more eye-catching performance this year. It is worthy of your inclusion in the travel list. .


Irafanisi: the most beautiful beaches of Crete

Crosos Palace: a mythical building

Pink Beach: Net Red Beach



  6: Barcelona, Spain




Reason for listing: As the capital city of Catalonia, Spain, it has the reputation of “flower of Europe”. Barcelona is often connected to three key words: vacation, architecture, sports. Tourists who love vacations like the pleasant atmosphere of the Mediterranean, the stretch of sandy beach and the bright sunshine; the building enthusiasts call it paradise, Gaudí’s stunning work gives her a unique charm; fans like her movement, wild And passionate. This is a city that people don’t want to leave when they come.


Sagrada Familia Cathedral: Barcelona landmark, the greatest work of the Spanish ghost architect Gaudi

Guell Park: a fairy tale world in mosaic style

Camp Nou: Europe’s largest stadium, well-known stadium, Olympic venues

Barcelones Cathedral: Medieval Architecture




  7: Czech Republic, Prague




Reason for listing: Located in the heart of Europe, it is a beautiful and ancient mountain city and the first city in the world to be designated as a World Heritage. A variety of well-preserved Gothic and Baroque churches, the old-fashioned beer, and the lazy, romantic and romantic city, you will never forget. Because it is not in the Eurozone, the average consumption is not high, so traveling to Czech Republic in Prague is considered to be a very high price in European destinations.


Prague Castle: the world’s largest ancient castle

Old Town Square: the center of the old town

Charles Bridge: iconic sights of Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral: the largest and most important church in the Czech Republic



  8: Marrakech, Morocco



Reason for listing: I can hardly imagine that someone would not like Marrakech. The city is rich in color, hundreds of food stalls collectively sizzling in the open air market of Jima, and there are many mosques, palaces, fashion garden master Yves Saint Laurent’s favorite garden has become a North African travel egg for many people. Everything is enough for you to explore for a few days in a row.

~~ must visit attractions ~~

Mayor Park: an art sanctuary where artists gather

Jemafra Square: the only square in the world that is still in use, listed in the World Cultural Heritage Square, bustling night market

Old Town of Marrakech: the largest Tucheng in the world, with Arabic characteristics



  9: Turkey, Istanbul



Reasons for listing: From Byzantium, Constantinople, New Rome to today’s Istanbul, this city full of history and history across Europe and Asia, the signboard is always brilliant, realistic and dreamy. Istanbul is known for its excellent location, rich historical heritage and fascinating fusion culture. The mosques, churches, museums, palaces… from the human landscape to the natural landscape are fascinating.

~~ must visit attractions ~~

Hagia Sophia: one of the top ten most desirable churches in the world

Blue Mosque: landmark building, the largest mosque in Istanbul. One of the top ten wonders of the world

Topkapi Palace: Old Royal Palace, historical sites

Groundwater Palace: one of the most romantic and mysterious sights in Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque: the second most mosque in Istanbul, the most magnificent monument



  10: United States, New York




Reason for listing: New York is the largest city and largest port in the United States, and the largest city in the world. Convenient transportation, bustling streets and world-famous attractions, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park, New York is like a magnet, always detonating your metro factor anytime, anywhere. As the city with the most modern buildings in the world, New York is also known as the “standing city”.


Times Square: New York landmark, the busiest square

Statue of Liberty: American National Monument, World Heritage, American Symbol

Metropolitan Museum: one of the three major museums in the world

Empire State Building: the world’s tallest building, landmark building in New York

Central Park: New York’s largest urban park, New York’s back garden

Rockefeller Center: New York’s No. 1 Grand Viewpoint

Broadway: a symbol of American modern song and dance art and entertainment industry



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