Top 10 Best beaches In the world forighen countries

Top 6 Best Beaches In the world - Vacation In summer

Top 10 Best beaches In the world forighen countries



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Speaking of the beach, we all know what it is, where we can wear sexy swimsuits, enjoy the warm and charming sunshine and the waves, and many people choose the beach as their holiday destination. But if you ask what is a celestial beach, you believe that many people don’t know. The so-called celestial beach is a beach that can be naked. It is very common in foreign countries. Let’s introduce 10 famous celestial beaches abroad.

What are the best beaches In the world ?


10, Umbrella


The traffic here is not very developed, and there are many stones scattered on the outside, so there are not many people coming here, very quiet.



9, Brighton celestial beach



Brighton celestial beach

Located in the south of London, it is officially recognized and there are some small markets around, suitable for a weekend getaway.


8. SanGregorio Beach


SanGregorio Beach

Located in California, USA, it is a 2km long white sand beach. If you go in, you will need to pay for it. There are caves and small cliffs.


7. Oriental Beach

Oriental Beach

On a small island in Europe, there are also bed and breakfasts on the beach, and local specialties are also good.


6. Negril Beach


Negril Beach

Located in Jamaica, the local weather is very beautiful, the air quality is simply not said, suitable for people who are always looking forward to a quiet atmosphere.


5. Hawaiian Beach

Hawaiian Beach

No one should not know this. Many newly married people like to go there to play, and many people are naked in the sun.




4. Rio de Janeiro Beach


Rio de Janeiro beach

It has a total length of 4.5 kilometers, and there is a road next to the beach. There are usually many hot women in the sun.



3. Miss Bay Beach


Miss Bay Beach

As early as the 1970s, it was classified as a legal celestial beach. Every January 1st, there was a “naked Olympics”.



2, shipwreck beach


Shipwreck beach

The name sounds a bit unlucky, surrounded by a forest barrier, not easily found by others, a feeling of a world away.



1. Paradise Beach


Paradise beach

Located in a country full of myths, Egypt is the place where many people who love celestial baths choose to go, so it is called “heaven.”

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